A Voice for Social Justice

It is our pleasure to introduce Abega Koneh - the voice of our NGO partner Loop-La-Loop

A Liberian war orphan, Abega grew up on the streets of neighbouring Guinea. It is here that his love and passion for music first started. In Conakry the young musician began to write lyrics reflecting the challenges life presented him with on a daily basis.

“When I discovered music - I found the universal language that brings people from all tribes together - no more segregation. I play and sing every single day since I was a child because it feels wonderful - I feel connected. And so I am a musician, more specifically I make reggae music,” says Abega.

His repertoire to date champions the important issues around social equality and social justice - values very much needed in these troubled times.

“I am a voice of encouragement, for a better future, for human dignity, for an end to war, racism, slavery and poverty.”

With his athletic build and dreads, Abega has a physical presence much felt during his Reggae concerts. Reggae is the music of protest, of telling uncomfortable truths. And so to the beautiful rhythm of reggae there are always significant lyrics attached.

“In Europe I am meeting many new people from many cultures. People who look different to me, yet when I sing we just enjoy the music and find that there is more that unites us than separates us – Africa or Europe, we are essentially all the same.”

As a key member of Loop-la-Loop, Abega is facilitating interaction  in their host village with local children through theatre and other activities.

“It is so important to create spaces for diverse members of the community to do stuff together for barriers to start to come down and integration to begin to just happen.”

Youmanity wishes Abega every deserved success in Europe, in the world.


To connect to Abega’s YouTube channel click HERE


Credit: Fotosintesi Lab Project

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