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Youmanity is proud to launch 2SMILE – a collaborative European project aiming to improve teaching effectiveness by reducing school dropout rates. Children most at risk from abandoning education often come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Children most at risk appear to belong to migrant families, are involved with juvenile justice and/or are known to social protection systems. After dropping out of school children are vulnerable to becoming disengaged from the community and radicalised. It is these children who need schooling the most - their voices need to be heard when looking at policy reform.

Led by Youmanity, the 2SMILE is a pioneering European project that wants to start an exploratory conversation, among local communities and policy makers, on how to best use a ‘learning outcomes approach’ in education to create an alternative narrative for disadvantaged and at-risk children.


What is a ‘learning outcome' approach?


A learning outcome-based curriculum is designed so that specific outcomes are reached. How outcomes are reached varies. Outcome-based education values skills gained on completion of a learning process. It gives the learner more opportunity for active learning, progression in education and integration into the job market. Although already a focus for vocational and home education, w2SMILE wants to implement outcome-based education in the compulsory schooling system and develop tools relevant to disadvantaged, at-risk children.

2SMILE - aims and objectives


  • Make a fundamental change in all European Educational Systems to active learning and inclusive teaching by focusing on the learning outcomes approach.
  • Assist policy makers in designing sound strategies for assuring high-quality education for at-risk disadvantaged children.
  • Increase the capacity of children and teacher’s organisations to be active partners in the materialisation of the educational paradigm shift. 
  • Provide an insight into the necessary tools and already encountered challenges and success stories in Europe.
  • Provide concrete policy input to ongoing discussions as to the future of the EU Education & Training Programme.


How 2SMILE meet its aims and objectives


We will start by asking schools in our partner countries what they already do for disadvantaged at-risk children. 2SMILE has partners in Portugal, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Romania and Greece. We will also work directly with disadvantaged learners that are (or should be) in compulsory education in these countries. The disadvantaged learners from each country have a different profile but common needs, thus allowing us to find solutions that will be viable in different European contexts. We will use this data together with outcome-based education theory to develop an integrated method to reduce school dropouts.


The 2SMILE project was officially launched in London on 7th December 2018 in the presence of all European project partners:


Diakonia-Ammattikoreakoulu - Finland

Athens Lifelong Learning Institute - Greece

Aproximar - Portugal

Amadora Inova - Portugal

I & F Education and Development - Ireland

Associazione San Giuseppe - Italy

Centrul Pentru Promovarea - Romania

Youmanity - Project Coordinator


By the end of March 2019 each 2SMILE partner would have contacted and met key educational stakeholders from their country. For example,Youmanity will meet British schools and Educational representatives in London on 22nd March. At this important meeting our educational stakeholders will complete a qualitative survey that will help identify teaching method(s) currently used within their educational setting. What method do they actually use to help children who fall behind their academic/school performance?


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