2020 Photography Award: Friend-Ship 2

More than a 'photography award', this year competition is a screenshot competition entitled ‘Friend-Ship During Challenging Times’.


This competition wishes to reclaim the importance of friendship in the prevention of suicide and mental health issues associated with loneliness and social distancing. In 2020, the world went into lockdown - some of us went into meltdown.Friends became our lifeline, developing important emotional connections with long lost relatives, neighbours, young and old.


We had no choice but to explore new ways to stay connected, to cope with the many uncertainties that came with the pandemic. And so we learned to make video calls, often opening our hearts as we opened our windows to cheer the Emergency Services who did so much for many of us.


Video calls have now become part of our lives, helping us through crises of all kinds. The World Health Organisation reports that one person takes their own life every 40 seconds, and many more attempt to. With isolation being the main reason for suicide, friendships and human connections are vitally important.


Friend-Ship therefore wants to reclaim the importance and value of friendship by encouraging you to celebrate the importance of friendship through a screenshot!


Your screenshot


Submit a screenshot from your phone, tablet, computer used during a video call with family, friends, neighbours and/or anyone you made video-calls with. Screenshots don’t need to be of high resolution so long they capture a treasured connection between friends. Submission is free.


Pandemic permitting, the Friend-Ship screenshot exhibition will showcase the top 20 entries at a central London location in December 2020. The judges are looking for visual impact, originality, and sensitivity. The winning screenshot will be awarded £500 cash prize.


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