Everyday Heroines make it to King's

Launched on Women’s International Day, the Everyday Heroines photography award invited photographers to record the lives of ordinary women who performed extraordinary deeds around the world.


Over 3,500 photographic entries were received from over 50 different countries. Each photograph told the story of incredibly brave women who make the impossible possible, everyday. Yet many photographs also suggested that gender discrimination is still part of modern society.


Winner of the award, Carlos Saavedra. The Colombian photographer reported on a groups of mothers seeking justice for the forced disappearance of their sons.


The winning shots, originating from four different continents, were showcased at King’s College London during a private view held on Thursday, 26th Oct.


In awarding Saavedra with the Youmanity gold medal, the Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Helen Ball stated “Equality is not only an undeniable, fundamental human right, but a necessary basis for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. To provide women with equal access to education, decent work, and representation in political and economic decision making processes can only benefit society at large.”


As per the terms of the Youmanity photography award, Carlos Saavedra also received 1,000 Euros cash prize handed over by the CEO of Lysis International, Mr Jon Sweet.


Special guests also included Scotland Yard’s lead for Diversity and Inclusion, Chief Supt Victor Olisa, the Consul General of Italy, Massimiliano Mazzanti and the Mayor of Southwark, C.llr Charlie Smith.


The Everyday Heroines photography project illuminates forgotten women by giving them the voice we should treasure within ourselves as an example of incredible resilience, courage and human generosity.


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